Racking Reusable Plastic Skids Pallets For Fork Trucks With 4 Way Entry P1208 ... 4- way entry for fork trucks (or forklifts), and 2- way entry for pallet trucks (or pallet jacks), Plastic pallets are often used for export, because they are exempt from International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 (ISPM 15) testing, which...
Reconditioned Pallets. Whilst we have a wide range of pallets for sale, we are first and foremost experts in reconditioned wooden pallets. At any one time we stock over 45, 000 reconditioned pallets, all of which have been restored by us and subject to close examination before being passed as repaired and fully reusable.
Best Source of Wood Pallets in California. Our California locations specialize in used wood pallets, pallet recycling, and custom-designed new pallets. All our products are built with quality materials and precision workmanship. Our customer service team is with you every step of the way and monitors our performance on a continuous basis.
We can handle it. J&B Pallet employs over 200 people across multiple Manufacturing-Recycling facilities; Our Lake City, MN location features a 32-acre site with a complete automated assembly, indoor storage and 21 dock doors. Our Eagan, MN facility features an automated pallet assembly production, indoor storage and 10 dock doors.
We have a large variety of second hand pallets for sale and they are available in different shapes, sizes and grades. Our selection of used pallets in Sydney include the lightweight 1 tonne & heavyweight 2 tonne Australian standard types, euro pallets, export pallets, plastic pallets as well as some custom made pallets.