52 inches. 132 cm. Front tire. 13x5.00-6. Rear tire. 23x10.5-12. Full dimensions and tires ... John Deere M655 attachments. 64" mid-mount mower deck.
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Search easy-to-use diagrams and enjoy same-day shipping on standard John Deere parts orders. ... John Deere M655 Ztrak 25HP AC Gas W/54" Mower Deck -PC10383 Ignition ...
Using John Deere Turf-Gard™ Oil ensures you are using the exact oil specified by John Deere engineers. Testing. Testing. Testing. Thanks to thousands of hours of rigorous and extensive testing, you can feel confident your engine will run for years to come. 1 The John Deere Easy Change™ 30-Second Oil Change System is available on E120, E130 ...